Devil Dash

Devil Dash

Explore Devil Dash and push your skills to their limits. Detained, Geometry is attempting to escape the room. But is everything so simple? To reach the exit gate, you must keep moving forward and completing tasks.

In Devil Dash, there are 5 unlocked levels, and to progress to the next level, you must first complete the previous one. There are 16 levels in total, with the difficulty and challenge gradually increasing. Start with straightforward levels and work your way up to more difficult ones. Deep holes, moving spikes, and collapsible walls are all hazards to be aware of. Should you fail to finish and successfully navigate through the obstacle chapters, the tumbling ceiling could crush you. When you hit an obstacle, you have to restart the game. Don't worry! There is no limit to the number of times you can play. So let's play and unwind!

Some gaming tips

  • Failure is unavoidable, but it helps you identify where the obstacles are. Learn how to anticipate situations and prepare accordingly.
  • Concentration: Continuously improve your spirit and ability to concentrate and deal with unexpected situations.
  • Practice: Overcoming obstacles will improve your reflexes and patience.

How To Play

  • Move forward with left, right / AD arrows.
  • Use the W key, an up arrow or a spacebar to jump.

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