Space Waves

Space Waves

Control the arrow to complete the adventure in Space Waves. This is a spin-off of Geometry Dash in which you must listen to the melody and move carefully. During this journey, you must control the arrow to move quickly and avoid obstacles.

Move at a fast enough pace to overwhelm you with unique challenges. Don't let obstacles stop you. You will not stop moving until the music stops and the journey is complete. Use your dexterity to move in various zigzag patterns. On a constant up-and-down trajectory. Now is the time for you to learn new skills.

Play tips

  • The arrow will always follow a zigzag path. Therefore, you must control the arrow to move steadily.
  • Unexpected obstacles may arise ahead. To avoid hitting an obstacle, move the arrow lower or higher.
  • Don't be afraid to fail; it will help you gain more experience and remember the playing route again.
  • Listen to the music to boost your fighting spirit.

How To Play

To move up and down, use the left mouse button/spacebar or the keyboard W.

Spin-off versions of Geometry Dash

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