Geometry Dash Lament

Geometry Dash Lament

Geometry Dash Lament is a game created by SamMaxx, a loyal fan of Geometry Dash. The game has received a rating of 3 stars at the Epic Normal level. Are you ready to try? With only one coin appearing at 0:32, can you collect it? The obstacles are not too challenging. However, the obstacles are particularly captivating due to their lighting effects and the rhythmic and attractive background music. Experience different emotional levels, from lamentation to being alone. Enjoy the background music of Panda Eyes - Lonely Island and you know it's time to conquer this game!


Lament: The stage where you go across platforms, jumping over spikes with ease.

Sad: Control the aircraft to move along the tunnel, jumping on the platforms.

I Wish: To transform into a robot, constantly moving forward and avoiding obstacles.

Alone: In the final stage, you convert back to the original shape.

Rhythm games

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