Blob Opera

Blob Opera

Satisfy your passion for music with the game Blob Opera. This is a music game in which you can compose fun melodies. Learn to appreciate various musical styles, including bass, tenor, mezzo-soprano, and soprano. Here, you'll use Blobs to create classics like Guitar Hero. Tenor Christian Joel is present, as is bass Frederick Tong, soprano Joanna Gamble, and soprano Olivia Doutney. Everything came together at Blob Opera. 

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To adjust the pitch, drag the blobs up and down. You can adjust the vowel sound by dragging the blobs left and right. Press the red Record button when you're ready to record your work. When you've finished your work, you can share it with your friends.


Blob Opera provides each player with a unique set of features.

  • Feel free to compose and create various works.
  • To blend and form vowels, use MIDI devices at various velocities.
  • It helps you practice listening and play more effectively.
  • There is a wide variety of voices, encompassing tenors, basses, and female voices.
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