Egg Dash

Egg Dash

In Egg Dash, you can move with eggs rather than geometric blocks. To avoid breaking the egg, make sure it doesn't hit any spikes or traps. Even a minor collision can cause the egg to break and require a restart. Exciting music has made a huge impression on the platform game! This game is similar to the other Dash games. Simply listen to the tunes you can dance to at the right time. Jump between blocks and surfaces while avoiding obstacles. However, to achieve good results, you must practice a lot.

Egg Dash contains a total of nine hidden Easter eggs, three per level. Can you collect them all? However, in some cases, you can avoid collecting the egg. If you attempt to collect eggs, you may be in danger. There are numerous other opportunities to collect Easter eggs. In practice mode, you can learn how to design spikes and traps. Knowing what to expect in the future can help you be more reflective.


  • EggZone (1 star)
  • Yolk-Y Joys (1 star)
  • Howl Haven (1 star)

How To Play

Left click to control the jumping egg.

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