Geometry Dash Adventure Fantasy

Geometry Dash Adventure Fantasy

Discover the Geometry Dash Adventure Fantasy game and embark on an adventure like never before! The game created by JerkRat is rated 8 stars and classified as Insane Level. It's difficult for players to reach this level, right? Nothing is impossible! It's time to use your memory. Play now!

Learn how to move between platforms, jump on yellow circles and blue pads, go through gravity gates, and overcome difficulties. Play it over and over again, and you can remember each path and how to avoid obstacles. The game will start with controlling cubes, airplanes, spaceships, and arrows. True to its name, the game will surprise you as you navigate from one stage to the next. Listen to and feel the song Adventure Fantasy by F-777. The song immerses you in an unreal world. On your journey, don't forget to collect coins. 


How To Play

Left-click or spacebar to jump.

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