Among Dash

Among Dash

Among Dash is an impostor obstacle course action game. Everyone has discovered you to be an impostor, and all danger is on its way. This is the time when you must flee and overcome obstacles to escape. Be brave enough to confront obstacles, traps, dangers, and force fields. Do not let the game end early!

Along the way, jump over gaps, avoid saw blades, and collect coins. This game combines Among Us and Geometry Dash, giving players a fresh breeze. If you come across any dead bodies, don't panic; instead, keep your spirits up and keep moving forward. It is time to set a new record! Practice extensively to improve natural reflexes. Determine your ranking as a child or a god. You will gradually rise from the lowest ranks to the Pro level. You can also use coins to unlock additional skins.


How To Play

To play, simply use your mouse.

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