Among Us

Among Us

What is it about Among Us that draws so many players? Discover the gameplay, graphics, and features of the game right away. You can see that the game divides its members into two categories: Crew Members and Impostors. Depending on the situation, you must complete your tasks.

  • Crewmates: You have missions, such as secretly investigating and reporting saboteurs. Repair the damaged parts caused by imposters. Also, if you discover a dead body, report it right away. With a little carelessness, an impostor can stab you in the back. If you are unlucky, you will become a ghost. Don't worry! You can still support your teammates. Vote to report the impostor now!
  • Impostor: The primary goal is to eliminate all crew members aboard the ship. You can also sabotage the ship, causing damage while other members are busy repairing and distracted. All actions you take are unknown to any crew member. Otherwise, you might be arrested. Imposters have the unique ability to move along pipes when moving from one room to another.

How To Play

Use the control stick to point the character in the desired direction.

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