Slice Master

Slice Master

Learn how to use a knife in the game Slice Master. Swinging the knife allows you to cut a variety of things. The more you cut, the more points you earn. How many points did you score? It cuts everything perfectly and makes carrying it even easier.

Keep in mind that you can't cut everything. You can slice fruits, sticks, vegetables, and furniture. Some objects to avoid include white walls, knives, hammers, and pink, thorny objects. The white wall will protect your knife. Knives and hammers will blunt your blade. When you hit the correct target, you earn more points. Act decisively and accurately. Play and relax to the sound of cutting objects.

The more points you earn, the more coins you can use to unlock new blades and swords. There are nine different new knives. These newly upgraded items allow you to cut and slash with greater power.


How To Play

To flip and jump knives, left-click or press the space bar.

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