Minions Runner

Minions Runner

The Minion's journey begins in the game Minions Runner. Here, you'll transform into adorable Minions and run endlessly. On the wide road, you may encounter a variety of obstacles; simply crouch or jump over them. Obstacles that you may encounter include cars, barriers, and barrels. When passing through barriers, crouch low to get over them. You can take appropriate action, depending on the circumstances.

This is a very cute racing game with simple controls. Perform various actions, such as jumping, sliding, and moving left or right. Avoid the obstacles and collect coins. Explore the store; it contains useful items for your race, such as magnets, shields, double coins, and double points. Upgrade all items to increase your chances of winning and reaching higher achievements. In addition, you can use the revive key to continue playing.

Tips for playing Minions Runner

  • Concentrate on completing the mission. The further you progress, the more obstacles and items appear. Concentrate on the run rather than trying to find items or supplements. Don't even try to collect coins to save your life.
  • Optimize every item, particularly shields. It can protect you in the event of a collision.
  • Skillfully combine two consecutive jumping and sliding actions.

How To Play

Use the mouse to play.

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