Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

Enter the magical tunnel in the game Tunnel Rush. You feel lost in a colorful 3D world. It's time to play now! Move non-stop towards the tunnel ahead. Many mysteries await you. These could be traps, walls, or gaps. Do not get distracted! You can get the highest possible score.

The tunnel will constantly change colors, leaving you dazzled. Look ahead and steer clear of potential hazards. If you encounter an obstacle, try again and learn from previous games. Some barriers will move throughout the tunnel, while others will remain stationary. Pay attention to their movements so that you can respond quickly. This is where the player's reflexes and concentration will be put to the test.

Passing each stage allows you to advance to the next level. The difficulty of the next level will increase, as will your movement speed. Tunnel Rush tests every player! You can also play more difficult games, such as Slope 3 and Dinosaur Game.


How To Play

  • Left and right arrow keys/AD: Move left and right.
  • Spacebar: Pause or restart.
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