Explore OvO and practice your running, jumping, and sliding skills through challenges. It's time for you to show your abilities in this platform game! There are obstacles ahead; use your parkour skills to navigate through all the different levels. You can play in easy and hard modes. What are your achievements?

Necessary skills

The game includes 61 different levels. Jump over obstacles and navigate in time with each platform ahead. In narrow spaces, you must slide or dodge obstacles above. Combine and execute running, jumping, and sliding movements with proficiency. Along the way, you can collect coins scattered everywhere.

Learn to use your hidden strengths. To master every level, you need to master the moves. When you collect the flag, you win. The game divides OvO into 8 parts: Basics, Getting Serious, Higher Order, Mechanics, OvO Space Program, Journey Through the Portal, Community Levels, The Gauntlet, and Training Level. Each part includes eight different levels. Unlock more game interfaces.


How To Play

  • Use the left and right arrows to move.
  • Arrow down to slide.
  • Up arrow or spacebar to jump.

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