Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl

Explore Fireboy and Watergirl is the first open two-player platform game in the Fireboy and Watergirl series. Your journey will begin at Forest Temple. Equip your skills to save the fire boy and the water girl! Control two characters to avoid obstacles and escape through the door. Forest Temple consists of 32 different levels. Each level presents a completely new map and challenges.

The temple sits deep in the forest, and there are dangers beyond your imagination. There are physical challenges to overcome, and sometimes you must use your brain to find the solution. Learn how to activate the elevator switch, disable traps, and solve a variety of other mysteries. To overcome obstacles, the two characters must work together. There are shiny diamonds to collect.

Characteristics of both characters

Both characters have their own benefits and drawbacks. Recognize the characteristics and take the appropriate action in each case. Fireboy can pass through lava pools and other fire traps, but not into water. Watergirl can only travel through water; she cannot pass through lava or fire traps. Fireboy can only collect red diamonds, while Watergirl can only collect blue diamonds. Both characters are unable to pass through puddles of toxic, bubbling green water. To get past the previous obstacle, control the character to jump over it and continue forward. It's time to play!


How To Play

  • Use the arrows to move Fireboy.
  • Use WASD keys to move Watergirl.

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