Vex 3

Vex 3

The stickman's journey starts in Vex 3. Where you explore a maze and will do anything to get out. Can you win the Hardcore Trophy? You're now a little stickman, constantly running, jumping, and climbing to get past obstacles. You may encounter sharp spikes, saw blades, deep holes, or dangerous enemies.

You must progress through each level in order to survive. The following levels are more difficult for you. If you don't act quickly, time will continue to tick away. The maze awaits you with numerous mysteries. Collect stars to unlock new levels and customize your character. Vex 3 is a 2D platform game from the Vex series. Perform parkour moves and overcome all challenges.


  • The survival game has 10 regular tasks for you to complete.
  • Own and customized levels can be created.
  • There are trophies, rankings, and a diverse roster of stars.
  • The maze is full of well-designed traps with simple graphics.
  • There are 9 challenges for players.
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