Getting Over It

Getting Over It

Getting Over It is an entertaining platform game where you control a cat to climb different blocks with a hammer. The interesting thing is that a pot is attached to the cat's body. This will make your walking and climbing journey even more difficult.

Swing the hammer forward or backward to control the cat's movement, according to physics laws. You can rely on it to lower the hammer onto solid ground. The more you climb, the higher you reach. This game is inspired by the game Getting Over it by Bennett Foddy. Moving and navigating with a hammer is not easy. This is when you learn how to use the hammer and overcome challenges. Obstacles you may encounter include colored blocks or giant fruits. Let's play and relax!

Play tips

  • The cat is unable to move normally. Learn the most skillful way to use a hammer. Use the hammer as a lever to help you move.
  • When blocked by a large platform block, don't move too close to it. Stand close enough to the block, use the hook hammer on the block to create a fulcrum, and lift yourself up.
  • Move calmly, and in each case, find the best solution to get over it as far as possible.

How To Play

To play, use the mouse.

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