Music Rush

Music Rush

The love of music will never fade in Music Rush. Can you become a famous songwriter? Run from one floor to the next, jumping over holes, spikes, and traps. Continuously advance your musical career. Listen to each musical melody. Have you discovered the rhythm yet? During your journey, collect dots of the same color.

Several genres of music exist, such as electronic, rock, disco, pop, k-pop, classical, samba, latina, reggae, rap, medieval, dungeon, and country. Collect various items that can aid in overcoming obstacles or accelerating your level up. Aside from coins, there are other diamonds; collect them all. Practice will help you improve your dancing abilities. Put your full attention on the following levels. As the level rises, the tunes become more difficult.

You can play rhythm games like Blob Opera and Geometry Dash Endless to unwind. Learn how to compose in Blob Opera using low to high male and female voices. Alternatively, Geometry Dash Endless allows you to play indefinitely. Begin your experience now!


How To Play

  • To jump, press the left mouse button or the space bar.
  • To use power-ups, right-click, shift, or press Ctrl.
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