Geometry Jump

Geometry Jump

Welcome to Geometry Jump, a platform game with multiple levels to challenge players. Jumping over spikes and traps can help you relax. The game tests the player's calmness and accuracy. The game's plus points include 2D graphics and vivid sound. After completing 15 levels and reaching the exit, you will be able to advance to the next challenging level.

At the top, each level will have a percentage bar. It showcases how far you've come. When the bar reaches 100%, you've reached the safe level. However, playing over and over again is unavoidable. Every time you fail, you must restart the game. This is also an opportunity for you to practice more. In addition, collecting stars along the way allows you to unlock new characters and levels. There are a total of 45 hidden stars for you to find, with three on each level.

Explore 15 levels

  • Preamble (1 star)
  • Let's go! (2 stars)
  • Gravitational (3 stars)
  • Drought (4 stars)
  • Data After Data (5 stars)
  • Never Give Up (6 stars)
  • Step Jump (7 stars)
  • Teleporter (8 stars)
  • Circulation (9 stars)
  • Xpart (10 stars)
  • Indiscriminate (11 stars)
  • Truth (12 stars)
  • Space Exploration (13 stars)
  • Associations (14 stars)
  • Planet Hunt (15 stars)

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