Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World

The adventure begins at Geometry Dash World! Grasp the rhythm, and you'll be able to easily jump over obstacles. To proceed, you must perform a series of jumping, flying, and gliding maneuvers through dark caves and sharp obstacles. This Geometry Dash variant includes ten different levels divided into two worlds: Dashlands and Toxic Factory. Along with that, Dex Arson, Waterflame, and F-777 have composed ten exclusive melodies. Let's listen and feel together!

Geometry Dash World is waiting for you to play and achieve amazing results. Earn rewards for completing daily missions. In addition, at the store, you can unlock more unique symbols. Doesn't that sound interesting? By acting continuously, you can gain more experience. You can now combine your ears and hands by listening to the rhythm and using your hands to handle situations. Rules set up a series of traps to make it difficult for players, but you can overcome them.


  • Along the way, you may discover hidden coins or diamonds.
  • The store can assist you in unlocking additional new symbols.
  • Explore additional secret vaults, time chambers, basements, and treasure rooms.
  • Players can create their own levels.
  • Play in practice mode to improve your skills.

How To Play

Left click to jump.

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