Geometry Dash Meltdown

Geometry Dash Meltdown

Does Geometry Dash Meltdown make you feel mesmerized? RobTop Games developed and published this platform game. Listen to the rhythm! Can you master this game? Great dubstep melodies that are vibrant, rhythmic, and intense are all collected here. Jump and somersault to overcome the obstacles ahead. Don't worry if you fail! Just play in practice mode to improve your skills.

Geometry Dash Meltdown's gameplay is similar to other Dash games. The game contains three levels in total. Although it is small, it allows you to experience a wide range of emotions and joy when winning easily. Then you'll have to put your brain to the test with difficult action scenes and multiple obstacles. In general, once you understand the rhythm, you can dance at the appropriate time. However, this is difficult to accomplish. An overwhelming sense of nervousness can prevent you from mastering your geometry. So, handle each situation calmly.

Explore levels

  • The Seven Seas (Easy, 1 star): Use the cube to navigate through blocks and spikes. Overall, at this level, players can easily conquer and overcome.
  • Viking Arena (Normal, 2 stars): Move the cube to jump onto yellow platforms and encounter hidden dangers. Obstacles may move simultaneously. The monster threat mentioned above will heighten the game's drama.
  • Airborne Robots (Hard, 3 Stars): This level features yellow jump rings. The shape you control looks like a ball.
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