Geometry Dash Odyssey

Geometry Dash Odyssey

Ferdefunky created Geometry Dash Odyssey, a 6-star Epic Harder game. The author is a well-known level creator in Geometry Dash. The game is widely popular, with many people participating. Odyssey is currently playing at the daily level and in the Hall of Fame. Collect three different coins at each stage: 15%, 34%, and 96%.

Stages of the Odyssey

At first, you simply move the cube through pillars and orbs.

Next, move from the cube to the robot, and vice versa. Throughout the game, you will feel the change in gravity. The pace has picked up, transitioning between the ball and the cube.

At this stage, you must use the ball and the trampoline. Move carefully through the scenes, as the obstacles are more densely packed. At the end of this stage, you must fly through tunnels with spikes and saws.

You will eventually transform into various types of blocks that continue to move. The game's difficulty will begin to increase. Once you arrive, collect the third coin and explore the author's castle.

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