Geometry Dash Square

Geometry Dash Square

Geometry Dash Square is a rhythm game that requires good playing abilities. This is an Epic level with a harder challenge. Experience the 6-star-rated game, and you will notice a lot of interesting things. If you are an amateur player, you can stop after the first 30% of the match. However, going further is not impossible! When you come across sharp and dangerous spikes, you can jump, dodge, or glide up and down. Simply practice hard and improve your playing skills, and you will be able to easily win this game.

Practicing allows you to remember the map and the locations of spikes or traps. That is an advantage for you! There is no limit to the number of times you can play. You can play as often as you want. Geometry Dash Square is not too easy or difficult to play. You are welcome to play! In some cases, use the yellow or blue pad to avoid the double traps. 


How To Play

  • Use W/Up Arrow/Left Mouse to jump.
  • Click the L key to toggle effects.

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