Geometry Dash Tesla

Geometry Dash Tesla

Geometry Dash Tesla is an epic harder level game created by Ferdefunky. The game has a rating of seven stars and three coins. If you make it 3/4 of the way through the game, you are an excellent player. However, the number of people who cross that distance is typically very small.

Let's get through the obstacles. To get even higher, jump on the pads. Travel through colorful gravity portals. In certain stages of the game, you can move despite gravity. Go above the spikes, saw blades, and traps, one after the other. Can you collect all three coins? There is continuous transformation in each part; you can be an airplane, a robot, a spaceship, or an arrow. Feel the upbeat Troglodyte music. Can you keep up with every beat? This is extremely useful when deciding when to jump.


How To Play

To jump, use the keys W, up arrow, and spacebar.

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