Eggy Car

Eggy Car

Don't break the eggs! This is the objective you must achieve in Eggy Car. Embark on a journey with a massive egg in the back of the vehicle. The road ahead of you is full of intriguing things.

Explore challenges

It can be challenging to prevent the egg from breaking and ensure its safe delivery to its intended destination. However, you can accomplish this task using your hands. Show all your driving skills. Go through slopes and bumpy roads. Not only do you control the steering wheel, but you also make sure the vehicle speed is not too fast or too slow. When going uphill, you drive the car too fast, and the egg may fall behind. If you drive too slowly, your car will not be able to go uphill. So what should you do when you go downhill? There are many different cases of Eggy Car that you need to handle. Accumulate experience and provide quick solutions in each case.


How To Play

Use left, right arrows/A, D keys to move.

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