Geometry Dash Fisy

Geometry Dash Fisy

Defy all challenges and conquer Geometry Dash Fisy, composed by NukeIIX. The game is rated as Epic Harder level with 6 stars. Throughout your journey, you have the opportunity to earn one star, which will appear when the game reaches 53%. The later the icon moves, the faster it is. Bring the suspense to a climax!

Listen to the melody of "Long Road" and follow the rhythm. If it's too difficult to keep up, you can also turn off the sound and focus on the race. Move despite obstacles, gravity changes, and icon movement speed. The graphics make a strong impression, from the colors to every path you have to go through. Experience the transformation across three distinct phases. You have to get used to the constantly changing icons and platforms. To increase your chances of winning, practice a lot to grasp everything from the melody to the right times to move.


How To Play

  • Click to move.
  • Click on the flag icon to restart.

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