Geometry Dash Scratch

Geometry Dash Scratch

Let's play Geometry Dash Scratch and admire the beautiful graphics and thrilling rhythm! Your adventure has just begun. Take the icon to its destination safely. Griffpatch wrote Geometry Dash Scratch (or Geometry Dash v1.5) in the Scratch programming language. This is played as a variation of Geometry Dash with three simple levels: Stereo Madness, Back On Track and Polargeist.

This is a colorful game where you expertly navigate your way through traps. The goal is simple: navigate the cube through paths, avoid obstacles, and reach the end of the level. Grasp the rhythm and timing to master the game. If you still have difficulty, don't hesitate to play in practice mode to improve your playing ability. Jump onto the platforms, passing the jump pads, Rinh, and status change gates.

Vivid challenges combined with beautiful effects create challenges for players. This is when you concentrate highly and react quickly. Are you prepared to play more games like Trigonometry Dash?


How To Play

  • Jump: Spacebar, W, Up or clicking the mouse
  • Pause: P
  • Restart: Green Flag
  • LAG: L
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