Avoid The Spikes

Avoid The Spikes

Avoid The Spikes is a game that requires high skill from the player. Move, jump, and avoid all the spikes. That's really challenging for players. Your round balls are almost surrounded by sharp spikes. Sharp spikes may appear on both sides. It's not easy to move to avoid the spikes and collect diamonds.

Move smoothly to touch the thorn-free wall. Maintaining steady movements will help you survive much longer. When you accumulate enough gems and bonus points, you can unlock more skins. There are a total of 23 unique skins waiting for you to unlock. You need to learn how to keep your balance and react quickly in each situation. If you lose, play again! Playing again helps you accumulate more experience and bonus points. This is your time to show off your skills in this game. Calmness helps you solve unexpected problems. Feel the thrill like never before, and start playing now!

How To Play

Tap to jump. Avoid spikes, jumps, and hitting non-spike surfaces.

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