Temple Runner 2

Temple Runner 2

Begin your running and jumping adventure in Temple Runner 2. It's time for you to escape from the ancient temple and try to get the treasure for yourself! This is an endless running game in which you must help the player character run forward, overcome obstacles, and safely cross the finish line. In some cases, you must jump, swing, slide, or dodge left and right. Take a series of steps to ensure that the game continues.

Explore the gameplay

Don't be subjective; behind you is a massive monkey that can chase Kipk and pounce on him at any time. Be cautious behind, and always look ahead to collect additional gems and power-ups scattered along the way. As you complete each road frame in Temple Runner 2, set goals and strategies for yourself. Try to get the best score!

When you collect power-up items, use them to their full potential. If you obtain the shield, it will aid you in overcoming obstacles. There are many other power-up items to discover. The coins you earn allow you to upgrade some features, earning you more coins and making your journey safer.


How To Play

Your character is always running, leaning, and turning in different directions. Sometimes your character needs to jump up or slide down. To move around, use the WASD or arrow keys.

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