Geometry Dash ElectroWorld

Geometry Dash ElectroWorld

Continuing a Hard level game rated 4 stars is Geometry Dash ElectroWorld. ASonicMen used Perseverance music to create a game with great levels. You can get three coins at 25%, 46%, and the final coin at the end of the level.

Explore the levels

0–20%: The player controls a simple block that moves through spikes and large blocks. Use yellow and pink orbs to help you overcome obstacles more easily.

20-40%: At this point, the player will collect their first coin. Control the ship's movement up and down between small spiked structures. Gravity is then reversed, allowing the player to move through slightly narrow platforms while avoiding the spikes at the end of each.

40-60%: Control the UFO to pass through some blocks. The movement speed will increase by X2. Then, move slowly at -1 speed. At the end of this period, the transportation speed returns to normal. 

60-80%: You control a floating block that moves up and down in response to spike obstacles.

80-100%: Move the small saw through dangers and Geometry Dash creator ElectroWorld's signature.

Dash Games

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