Geo Dash 2

Geo Dash 2

Enjoy 5 different neon worlds in Geo Dash 2. It's your time to overcome obstacles and complete missions with excellence. Start your journey! Your geometry needs to confront 50 different levels. Each world has 10 different levels. To unlock the next worlds, you must complete missions in the first world.


Your square has an annoyed and irritated expression that rushes forward and jumps over obstacles. Navigate through pathways filled with numerous traps and vibrant neon colors. The square can also change into many different shapes. Move skillfully, jumping on platforms and avoiding spikes. When going through the color portal, you can change your movement speed or gravity. If you fail, you must start the game again. The goal is clear! This is when you focus entirely on your journey of discovery.


How To Play

To jump and overcome obstacles, click.

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