Geometry Dash Maze Maps

Geometry Dash Maze Maps

Explore the maze with Geometry Dash Maze Maps. The entertaining game consists of five different levels, each of which is a mysterious maze. Take control of the square and start this dangerous adventure! Countless challenges and thorns await. Are you confident in your abilities? Catch the perfect moment and rhythm to dance. Take advantage of the yellow boosters to get even higher. It's a challenging journey that demands your utmost effort to finish. Handle every situation calmly, jumping from one platform to another.

Special Features

  • Personalize the main character's face, outline color, and new skin.
  • The square can transform into a superhero, a mushroom, or one of the humorous monsters.
  • Each maze on the five levels is unique, with unexpected obstacles.

How To Play

To play, click the mouse or the spacebar.

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