FNF Music 3D

FNF Music 3D
The music has started. Let's dance to the tune in FNF Music 3D. You'll be overwhelmed when you start the game, from sound to melody. Show off all the musical skills you have! Listen to the melody and dance to it without any strings attached. Feeling! Play level by level without getting bored.
Face the levels: week 1, week 2, week 3,... each level has 3 songs. Are you confident in your abilities? This is not only a relaxing game, it also helps you practice your reflexes and musical sense. Let's play one of the following two levels: Story Mode or Free Play. Don't act slow or dance to the wrong tunes. Your score says it all. Engage fully in the game and avoid distractions. Admire the beautiful and fun graphics combined with neon lights. Play FNF Music 3D now!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to play each melody.

Other music games

There are many music games and melodies for you to play and relax. Let's play more music games like Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! and Blob Opera. Are you confident in your musical abilities?

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