Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Break all records in Doodle Jump, this is a platform game. Let's explore the graphics, gameplay, and play characters now! Doodle's goal is to fly as high as possible. The higher you fly, the more obstacles you avoid, and the more points you will gain. To climb the green grass platforms, you just need to move the character from left to right. Of course, on your journey, you will encounter different difficulties. There are brown pedestals broken in half that are not sturdy at all. So don't jump on it. When faced with obstacles, you can shoot bullets and remove them from the play screen. Determine the target to shoot, you can shoot straight or diagonally.

The Doodle Jump game includes 4 different game modes: Adventure, Endless, Multiplayer and Challenge. Each game mode has its own interesting point. You can experience it all. Along the way, you can also encounter items that support your levitation process. Springs help you jump higher. In addition, there are other items such as propeller hats, rockets, bananas, sunglasses, and stars. If you encounter these items on the way, don't forget to collect them.

Doodle Jump has cute cartoon graphics and bright colors. The doodle character creates sounds when it jumps, collects items, or falls. You can also unlock more characters. Collect badges and have much more fun. In the settings, you can also choose straight or multi-directional shooting modes. Let's start playing now!

Doodle may encounter some dangers

Doodle must always be in the spirit of facing the enemy. UFOs, Black Holes and Giant Monsters are all dangers to you.

  • UFOs are always moving, don't bump into them. Otherwise, you will fall down freely.
  • Jumping into a black hole will either demote you or cause you to free fall.
  • Huge monsters can move and catch you. To dodge them, use agility.

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