Run 3

Run 3

Explore space tunnels in Run 3. This is an endless running game that features aliens. When you accumulate enough energy batteries, you can unlock one of the game's nine characters. Each character has unique advantages; in each case, use the appropriate character to easily overcome obstacles. The action moves quickly toward the tunnel. Jump and dodge through traps, pits, and other mysterious obstacles. Overcome obstacles and reach the finish line!

Please adjust the jumps for each different situation. When faced with large and wide holes, you must gain momentum and make high jumps to overcome them. If you're not sure you can finish the mission, you can play for experience. Concentrate on the tunnel ahead, and respond quickly to any traps that appear. Good luck!

Game modes

  • Endless Mode: Allows you to move through space without stopping. If you fail, try again! You can also gather power cells along the way.
  • Discovery Mode: Here, you can play a variety of levels. Each level features a new space tunnel full of surprises.

How To Play

  • Arrows to move
  • Space or Up arrow to jump
  • R to reset
  • P to pause the game
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