Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash is a unique combination of the Christmas theme and the popular game Geometry Dash. It's interesting, isn't it? The Christmas atmosphere and familiar melodies immerse you in the game. Drive the Santa Block as far as possible. In front, there are numerous sharp spikes and traps arranged in a row, making the player's heart race. Perform beautiful action scenes and acrobatics despite difficulties. Can you win this game?

How do you overcome extremely difficult traps? Pay attention to the yellow gate. To avoid landing on the spikes, you can jump on them and then take the next jump. Along the way, you'll see stockings, globes, and other Christmas gifts. Don't forget to collect them all, because they can earn you big bonus points. The further you get from your goal, the easier it becomes. In addition, you can unlock 5 more characters from the menu.

Tips and tricks

Xmas Dash is a simple control game with engaging gameplay. Here, you can only do one jump at a time, not two. So, listen to the melody and jump at the appropriate time to overcome simple obstacles. In more difficult situations, you must observe and jump into the appropriate yellow gate. It resembles a pedestal in the air. However, it is difficult to jump at the right time. Play repeatedly to improve your reflexes and understanding of the game.


How To Play

Left click to jump.

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