Spooky Dash

Spooky Dash

Spooky Dash is a platform game that combines Geometry Dash with a Halloween theme. Creepy music and dark graphics make you feel like Halloween. The game only includes Scary Skeletons levels of average difficulty to challenge players. While making a scary face, control the pumpkin. Use scary traps to get through hordes of terrifying zombies. Here, you can see the familiar yellow gate. You can only jump over an obstacle once. However, there are some extremely dangerous traps that you cannot overcome. The yellow gate can be helpful. Jump on it as a platform; it will help you overcome obstacles!

Don't forget that Spooky Dash includes a practice mode. Enjoy Halloween! 2D graphics allow you to experience gloomy scenes and spooky walls. In addition, you can get 7 more game skins. Other versions of Geometry Dash have always created a craze that players enjoy.


How To Play

Use left mouse/spacebar or up arrow to jump.

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