Spacebar Clicker

Spacebar Clicker

Have you ever had unlimited clicks? Let's play Spacebar Clicker, an entertaining idle game for everyone. Simply click the mouse or the spacebar, and your score will run automatically. Your score increases as you press more, unlocking buffs at a certain point. It makes the playing process easier and faster.

The Spacebar Clicker's unique feature is that it can run automatically and help you improve even without clicking. This allows you to take a break from playing when you are tired or don't want to be active. Alternatively, use buffs to boost your score quickly. Have you reached 1 million yet? The higher the score, the more buffs are available. You can play anytime!

Unique buffs

  • Monkey
  • Boomer Mom
  • Gen Z Kid
  • Keyboard Upgrade
  • Angry Influencer
  • MOBA Gamer
  • Homemade Pressing Robot
  • Laser Machine Gun
  • Nuclear Blast Gun
  • Alien Tech Key Pressing Machine

How To Play

Use the mouse or space bar to click.

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