Smash Karts

Smash Karts

Get on your go-kart and prepare to race with Smash Karts. A combat driving game with stunning 3D graphics. What should you do to survive? Do everything you can, such as picking up bullets, starting a fire, or using any weapon. Aim at your opponents and eliminate them quickly with the weapons you have. Each match lasts three minutes; don't waste a second to improve your chances of winning. Fasten your seat belt, and don't stop reloading! 

In Smash Karts, you can unlock many new characters and advance your rank. When you level up, you can earn coins and hats. Show off your position in this game! Play on multiple maps and stay in the best mood. To increase your chances of winning even further, you should collect as many weapons as possible. In case of an emergency, throw mines at opponents. Play with skill and all the necessary equipment.


How To Play

To move, use the WASD keys or the arrows. Use the spacebar to quickly attack opponents. Accelerate on the track, eliminating opponents and collecting mysterious weapon boxes. If you take a hit, the game will teleport you to a random area on the arena's outskirts, where you can resume your driving.

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