Masyanya DJ

Masyanya DJ

Become a famous DJ in Masyanya DJ. Transform into Masyanya (a cartoon character) and perform your DJ work. This is your time to become a famous DJ! By appearing at the studio, you can create new masterpieces. You can observe that every device is fully equipped. Start to be creative and show off your musical talent.

Here, you will get acquainted with the equipment that supports your DJ work. Maybe this is the first time you get acquainted with DJ controls, drums, bass guitar, two turntables, and special sound systems. Look at and test all the buttons and switches. Each device produces a change in sound. New hits create a vibrant atmosphere and receive love from everyone. Furthermore, you have support from Hryundel. That makes your music even more attractive.

How To Play

Use your mouse to interact with buttons, controls, and the sound system.

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