Head Soccer 2024

Head Soccer 2024

Head Soccer 2024 is a sports game that can be played in one or two player mode. Have fun with friends! Move forward and continue to shoot accurate kicks. The ball will fly past the opponent before rolling into the goal. If you fail, you can try several times. Choose one of your ten favorite skins and prepare to play.

Play Head Soccer 2024 as a response to the World Cup. Football will always be a passion for me! Who knows? You could become one of the world's most talented strikers. Enter the World Championship! Do you prefer competing against your friends or AI?


  • 2-player sports game for everyone.
  • The scene features beautiful 2D graphics, with the audience cheering.
  • There are many different playing interfaces to choose from.
  • The number of goals lost and won is recorded.

How To Play

One-player mode:

  • Use arrows to move
  • Z, X to shoot

Two-player mode:

Player 1

  • Use WASD to move
  • V, B to shoot

Player 2

  • Use arrows to move
  • K.L. to shoot
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