Geometry Tile Rush

Geometry Tile Rush

Geometry Tile Rush allows you to jump and slide across platforms. Satisfy your desire for geometry! Players become square blocks and learn how to survive in a dangerous world. When faced with spikes, your task is to move on the jumping platform. During the journey, collect stars. Every time you fail, you can try again. Do you like the game's mainly purple interface with flashing lights?

Once you understand how to move, you will be able to achieve satisfactory results. The number of stars and points you earn reflects your achievements. Your failures are also recorded to remind you that you are improving each time you play. Geometry Tile Rush has 30 levels to choose from. The following levels will be more difficult than the previous ones. Listen to the melodies! At first, they are gentle, but the tempo becomes faster and more intense. Play like an avid gamer!


How To Play

To jump, make a left click.

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