Geometry Dash Jump

Geometry Dash Jump

Geometry Dash Jump, inspired by Geometry Dash, plays similarly to Super Mario 64. Control the square block to move forward and jump over obstacles. Obstacles include sharp spikes and dangerous traps. Once you've collected all of the stars, you can return to your starting position. At this point, a magical gate will open, transporting you to the next level. If you fail to collect the stars, the magic gate will not open, and you will remain on that level until you complete the mission.

Geometry Dash Jump's final level remains unknown. You can only progress to the next level by successfully completing the current one. Only if you have the ability to play professionally and handle dangerous situations will you be able to advance to the next level. Familiar shapes make you want to play even more. In some cases, you must jump onto platforms to collect stars. Many stars are difficult to collect. But don't worry! Each problem has its own solution. Discover this intriguing game right now!


How To Play

To jump, simply left-click.

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