Geometry Dash Emoji

Geometry Dash Emoji

Have fun with adorable emojis in Geometry Dash Emoji. Collect all the emojis you come across on your journey! Become the person who collects the most symbols.

Rules of play

Navigate the icon forward. Throughout your journey, you will encounter various obstacles. Avoid the sharp spikes scattered throughout the path. Those are red and dangerous spikes. Or foundation blocks shaped like bricks. Bombs and flying saucers can also appear at any time. If you crash into them, you will have to start your journey again.

Use all your jumping, running, and obstacle skills to collect as many emojis as possible. The indicators can record your number of failures and the emojis you collect. Are you ready to experience the Geometry Dash Emoji? The game has completely different graphics compared to other Geometry Dash. Gone are the neon lights, replaced by a city background. Play now!


How To Play

Click to play.

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