Geometry Dash Demon Park

Geometry Dash Demon Park

Geometry Dash Demon Park is a version of Easy Demon created by M2coL with 10 stars. Each level lasts one to two minutes. Can you improve your performance here and pass this time? Feel the Time Machine melody, created by Waterflame. The sound is both exciting and appealing, vibrant and full of rhythm. You'll feel the game's climax.

Demon Park introduces Demon Difficulty. You start out as basic cubes, then progress to planes, balls, and spaceships. Each stage will result in a unique transformation. You can also navigate tight spaces and crash everywhere. To remember all of the upcoming spaces and contexts, practice a lot. That way, you can react to any unexpected situation.


0–28%: When you start playing, the cube moves at normal speed. Jump over spikes onto block platforms and experience the change in gravity.

28-38%: Concentrate on maneuvering the ship through spaces that occasionally intersect.

38-57%: The difficulty has increased dramatically; you must move the block through sharp spikes and dangerous structures. Jump over them with orbs.

57-71%: Faced with constant changes in gravity, you must control the block with golden balls.

71–84%: Guide the anti-gravity ship through some large spikes and structures. Jump twice with the golden ball, then jump over the spike blocks.

84-100%: In this section, you progress to the difficult block part. Overcome numerous obstacles. Do not be careless in the final seconds, because the rush and constant scene changes will distract you and render you unable to act correctly.


How To Play

  • Use Spacebar/W/ Up key or click to jump.
  • Press P key to pause.
  • L key to switch effects.
  • Click the green flag to restart.
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