Duck Life

Duck Life

Get ready to run, fly and swim in Duck Life! An entertaining action adventure game. You will transform into Dory the Duck and show off your talents. Running, swimming, and flying are all skills. Which talent do you have the most confidence in?

It's time to produce outstanding outcomes and reap numerous benefits for the farm. When running, you have to jump over obstacles, such as logs, while moving skillfully and in the proper direction. There are numerous dangers to be aware of while swimming in water. Finally, fly and move with skill to maintain excellent control over your flight route. Remember that there are numerous appealing incentives waiting for you to obtain. You can use hats, duck colors, and seeds to unlock other items. Experience seeds help you improve your endurance even further. At the end of the World Championship, play and win!


  • Beginner (10–40)
  • Amateur (Levels 40–100)
  • Expert (level 100+)
  • World Championship

How To Play

  • Running: Use the up arrow to jump.
  • Flying: Use the left and right arrows to go up and down.
  • Swimming: To jump, use the up arrow, and to dive, use the down arrow. To travel left or right, press the left and right arrows.
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